Wills and Estates

Whether you are a couple with young children looking to have wills prepared for the first time, a senior considering redrafting your will in light of new additions to the family, or a successful business owner with shares in a corporation, we can help provide you with the products and services that best meet your needs.

We will assess your situation both personally and financially to determine what is required to achieve your objectives and to manage and protect your assets for your beneficiaries.  This may involve anything from the drafting of simple wills and powers of attorney, to the preparation of a secondary (or private) will to avoid probate on the value of the shares you hold in a private corporation, to setting up a Henson trust for the benefit of a disabled beneficiary.

Our services include:

If tax or insurance advice is required, we can assist you in finding the appropriate tax and insurance professionals, and we will work with those professionals to provide you with a practical yet comprehensive plan for your personal affairs.