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CONDOCENTRIC.ca`s Top 10 Articles of 2017


10. Insurance Deductible By-laws by Megan Molloy & Richard Elia

9. When Dim Sum Customers and Temple Worshippers Take Over Condo Parking by Victor Yee

8. Drones by Patricia Elia & Richard Elia

7. When a Condo Owner Goes Rogue - Part 1 by Antoni Casalinuovo

6. Litigation Privilege for Property Managers Under The CMSA by Victor Yee 

5. When “Sharing” Isn’t Caring: Social Media and Online Defamation by Kati Aubin

4. The Best Argument for Licensing by Patricia Elia

3. The Increasing Importance of Arbitration in Condos by Antoni Casalinuovo & Victor Yee

2. Condominium’s Duty to Investigate Social Media Defamation by Victor Yee

1. The Insurance Myth by Kati Aubin & Richard Elia


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